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Welcome to Writing.org

This is a noncommercial Web site for writers. It's sponsored, edited, and written by Durant Imboden, who created MSN's Writing Forum in 1995 and produces Europe for Visitors, a travel site about Europe that has been featured in TIME International, Good Housekeeping, PC Magazine, USA Today, and other publications.

Durant Imboden is a writer whose credits include novels, magazine articles, short stories, and staff writing for Playboy and other publications. He worked as a Playboy editor, New York literary agent, tabloid editor, and advertising copywriter before becoming a full-time freelance writer in 1986. His most recent book is Buying Travel Services on the Internet, published by McGraw-Hill.

What you'll find here:

Writing.org offers how-to articles for writers (and especially for new writers). The goal is to help you break into the writing business and avoid being victimized by scam artists.

What you won't find:

Writing.org does not feature links, promotional pitches, or ads for questionable literary agents, editorial consultants, vanity presses, writer-subsidized poetry anthologies, or any of the other businesses that prey on aspiring writers.

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