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Primedia/About.com Lawsuit

Along with more than 75 other current and former About.com "guides," I filed a class-action lawsuit against About.com, its parent company Primedia Inc., and former CEO Scott Kurnit in March of 2002. The lawsuit damages for fraudulent accounting, tortious interference, and other offenses. More plaintiffs have joined the case since the initial filing, and total claims against the defendants run into the millions of dollars.

For more information on the suit, including the full text of the complaint that was filed in the Southern District of New York federal court, see:

Levinson et al. v. Primedia et al.

And now for my bio:

Durant Imboden:
Web and travel writer

I'm Durant Imboden, Webmaster of Writing.org. I've been a full-time freelancer since 1986. My writing and editorial credentials include:


My most recent book is Buying Travel Services on the Internet, published by McGraw-Hill. I've also written fiction, including a novel about the film industry titled Allure. Publishers Weekly praised Allure for its "authentically rendered scenes in Los Angeles and Switzerland, adding that it delivered "intriguing characters, a plot replete with love, jealousy, and passionate sex, and a dramatic and satisfying conclusion."

Articles and short stories

As an editor and staff writer for Playboy, I was a co-author of the "Playboy Advisor" column and wrote feature material on art, fashion, cars, personalities, and other topics. I've also written for Writer's Yearbook, science-fiction magazines, national tabloids, travel publications, and corporate magazines.

Before becoming a writer, I was a literary agent in New York, where I worked with Harry Kemelman, Bob Silverberg, Jack Vance, Philip K. Dick, Alfred Chester, Jean Malaquais, and other authors.


As a staff and freelance copywriter for Chicago and Minneapolis advertising agencies, I've written ads, collateral, TV commercials, radio spots, or direct mail for clients such as Northwest Airlines, Radisson Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, Carlson Travel Network, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Chicago Tribune, US West, Lotus, Apple Computer, Great Plains Software, Mercury Records, and 3M.

Web and online

I produce travel sites about Europe and Venice, was an editorial consultant to the Delphi online service during its transition to the Web, and have written for corporate Web clients such as Microsoft, Symantec, Sprint ION, and FirstUSA. Specialties include travel, computers, and the Internet.

I also wrote a monthly "Putting the Net to Work" column for Boardwatch magazine from 1995-1999.

I've contributed to PC Magazine's "After Hours" and "Top 100 Web sites," and I've written articles for FreeAgent.com on copyright protection, self-promotion, and digital cameras.

Finally, I managed the MSN Writing Community from its inception in 1995 until MSN switched to user-created communities in 1999.

See Durant and Cheryl Imboden's other Web sites:

Europe, Venice, Switzerland, Austria, The Baby Boomer's Venice

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