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Travel Writing for
Pleasure and Profit
Continued from Part 2

by Durant Imboden

Part 3:
Internet resources for travel writers

Market information

This site has a bulletin board, listings of press trips for professional travel writers, information on new markets, etc. It also sells a Travel Publications Update with rates and guidelines for 800 magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals.

Travelwriter Marketletter
Click the "View Sample" button to see if this newsletter's market advice is worth $65 a year to you. (It may be, if you're a selling writer.)

Travel Info Exchange
Tom Brosnahan's essay,
"Is Guidebook Writing Worth the Money?" discusses the economics of trying to become a latter-day Arthur Frommer or Temple Fielding. His site also has other useful information for travel writers.

"Great places to write about" is the theme of this site, where travel writers can sign up for announcements of press trips and comps from travel vendors.

Background reading

How I Got Started as a Travel Writer
Philip Greenspun, one of the early Internet travel writers, tells why he did what he did--and how he could afford it.

Travel Writing 101
Anika Scott wrote this basic how-to article for Eurotrip.com.

Studies in Travel Writing
The Nottingham Trent University of England publishes a scholarly journal on travel writing once a year. (This site was giving an error message the last time I checked it, but give it a try.)

Samples of travel writing
(with annotations)

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