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Agency Resources on the Web

by Durant Imboden

FAQs and articles

Association of Authors' Representatives
The AAR offers a canon of ethics, a FAQ, a member list, and other information for writers.

Dan Perez Agent Advice
If you can't stand the bumblebee color scheme, click "Select All" in your browser's "Edit" menu to highlight the text for easier reading.

Do's and Dont's of Approaching a Literary Agency
Tips from Deidre Knight of the Knight Agency.

HWA Agents FAQ
A helpful article by Lawrence Watt-Evans and the Horror Writers Assocation. Also see Robert J. Sawyer's
Landing an Agent.

Poets & Writers: Info - Literary Agents
General background, plus reviews of agent directories.

Tara K. Harper FAQ: Agents
A science-fiction author tells how she found an agent, and how you should seek yours.

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