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What you'll find here, from
Durant Imboden: the writer, editor, and Web consultant behind Writing.org.

Literary agents
Do you really need an agent? Where do you find one? And once you've picked an agent, how do you get the agent to say "yes"?

Literary agents
how to write and sell

How to write and sell
Read more than two dozen articles about fiction technique, manuscript format, submissions, and more.

Travel Writing
Turn your vacations into profit opportunities, or post travel narratives on the Web for pleasure and posterity.

Primedia Lawsuit
On March 20, 2002, 34 current and former writers ("guides") for About.com sued Primedia Inc., About.com, former About.com CEO Scott Kurnit, and various "John Does" for fraudulent accounting, copyright infringement, and other issues of interest to writers. Click the link to read the full text of the complaint.

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